A bearded, non-binary person wearing a western bow tie, a black beret, a white shirt, and brown striped pants. Their arm is crossed their body and their phone points directly at the mirror in front of them.  A zoomed in view of the famous painting "Stańczyk during a ball at the court of Queen Bona in the face of the loss of Smolensk"An avocado green exterior threshold of a brownstone apartment, as well as the tops of several suceeding brownstones.
A green droplet symbol with a resonating circle inside its body.

Grizz Pierce is a multi-disciplinary designer in Brooklyn, NY. They currently work as a

Visual Designer

@ Newsela


To design is to provide a platform; my work contributes directly to an organization's mission. Therefore I only contribute my labor when the following principles are met:


Design with ethics in mind.

Design is never apolitical. The decisions we make as designers will always have consequences – big, small, positive and negative. It’s important for me to confidently feel that my beliefs and ethics won’t be breached by the organization and the work I create there. Additionally, I aim to contribute my expertise in instances where I know it will support local communities and/or create a more equitable society.


True accessibility in mind.

Accessible design is commonly spoken but its fullest implementation is often in contention with business goals. If we hope to have our designed objects be equitable and accessible to the world, this cannot be the case. Deep implementation and consideration of accessible practices is vital.


Engineering collaboration.

When designers and engineers aren't working hand-in-hand, it's felt through the integrity of the final piece. It's crucial for me to regularly interface with engineers and to design with deep consideration of their lens and perspective. Furthermore, I always aim to provide developer-friendly documentation and consistent design patterns in an effort to build modular systems when possible.


Below includes insight on tools and skills I use regularly, as well as my previous experience.


Adobe Suite






UX Design

Visual Design

Web Design

Design Systems

Motion Design

IX Design

Game Design

Generative Art


Visual Designer

2020 – Now

As a visual designer, my work includes working with product designers to scope and plan design of product features, working with user researchers to understand interface needs for features, crafting final design based on product designer's prototypes and design system, and building design specifications for engineering handoff. Some internal teams I've designed for include:

⚘ User Reporting & Insights

⚘ Data Management

⚘ Search & Recommendations

⚘ Explore (User-Content Discovery)

⚘ Product Design System



2017 – Now

Fields of design work fluctuate for freelance initiatives – past projects include designing web experiences, motion design, branding, print design, and videogame interface design. Clients range from game studios, local businesses, and independent artists.


UX Designer & Technologist

2018 – 2020

As a UX designer, my work included building user personas, user flows and wireframes, information architecture for larger projects, and final designs and specs for engineers to build. As a technologist, my work extended to also building more robust prototypes, including installations and hardware, and leading initiatives that were emergent tech-driven (such as Alexa skills, projection mapping, etc.)

Champlain College

Interactive Designer

2016 - 2017

Casa Rara

Game Designer

2015 - 2016